Lick Lick Austin

05 29 2014 1 check WOW WOW WOW WOW WOWI know what you think. You'll never find good BBQ in an airport. NOW STILL TREASURES. When I had my flight from New York, I was awakened by the delicious smell of a great barbecue, head to the baggage claim area. I was in a hurry, enjoyed the smell, but could stop and try the food (big mistake). A few days later, when it was time to go home, I intentionally a little went to the airport before me only to test this smell, I thought a couple of days ago. First of all, that is not how many cafeteria-style. You'll get like cattle in unpleasant way that a bad first impression was to be honest. In Texas, I met nothing dear people, until I met the teller lame. For me, but not discouraged. I understand that when I saw him behind me someone very sweet was only tested, while only delicate as possible to every visitor. I ordered lick lick austin my second second honest food (pork with a little potato salad) and then repeat the master carver/chef spits my order number. This is crazy seriously behind a carving station. That someone so quickly, much I've seen it perfectly. This kind deserves at least one metal or a very generous increase. He created and saliva orders so quickly that he waited several times, only to persons who by their food, is still more space would counter his work. Fortunately, my wife and I were able to withstand only a table of a pair of cling. I need to try the pork sandwich, I was there and I loved it. I am a fan of barbecue, so I'm very critical about my BBQ. I had this place among the top 5 of all barbecue restaurants to review, ever should. .